The Liposomal Advantage

Vitamin C is poorly absorbed. We fixed that.

Liposomes = Absorption

Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin, meaning your body has a hard time absorbing it. That's why we use Liposome ab:MAX technology which wraps it in an all natural nutritious liposome. Liposome-encapsulated vitamins easily cross cell-membranes, making them more efficient.

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  • Health is a Daily Routine
  • 건강한 하루 루틴 하루틴
  • Health is a Daily Routine
  • 건강한 하루 루틴 하루틴
  • Health is a Daily Routine
  • 건강한 하루 루틴 하루틴
health is a daily routine. four people enjoying their daily routine of running

Health is a Daily Routine

Haroutine is a combination of the Korean word Haru (하루), meaning daily or one day, and the English word Routine (루틴). This juxtaposition also symbolizes the blending of Korean and American culture expressed in our approach to the science of supplements.

Haroutine sets out to create nutritional supplements that use clinically proven technologies to improve nutrient absorbancy, while making them safe and effective.

Health is not static. Everyday choices affect your overall wellness. By committing to the belief that Health is a daily routine, you embody the spirit of Haroutine.

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