5 Reasons why ab:MAX is superior liposome delivery technology

1. We Use Liposomal ab:MAX Tech

We take our scientifically-tested liposomes seriously. Our gummies are crafted with our patented liposomal ab:MAX technology derived from Sunflower Lecithin to deliver nutrients like no other. With improved bioavailability and antioxidants than other forms of vitamin C, you can take your health to new levels.

2. We Double-Check Our Work Using CryoTEM Imaging

Quality matters and we use cryoTEM imaging to verify that our liposome are intact after formulation. We want to guarantee that the our liposomes are true liposomes.

3. You'll Absorb More Vitamin C

Clinical studies have revealed that our liposomal ab:MAX technology is highly bioavailable. You'll get 3x the absorption and nutrient retention than other brands.

4. Our Gummies Taste Better

Treat your taste buds and boost your immunity at the same time. Enjoy a deliciously sweet strawberry-guava flavor with every gummy!

5. We Use Real Science

Our gummies are not only clinically proven to outshine the rest, but they also come with a third-party stamp of approval.

Third-Party Verification